La fete de sauve inspire 16.09. – 18.09.22


The flyer for our festival “Sauve inspire” from 16-19.09.22, and also the programme. It is open and free to all who would like to paint villages, street scenes and this year also hot air balloons (a real example of 5 metres will be mounted).
The idea of the theme comes from Dominique Gioan, This year we want to pay a tribute to Théodore Sivel, an aeronaut born in Sauve (30610) and create a panoramic fresco representing Sauve and hot-air balloons in public.
A link between the Montgolfier brothers and our illustrious aeronaut from Sauve, Théodore Sivel. I was so seduced by the visit last autumn of the museum of Annonay and the implication of Canson our sponsor whose paper was used to build the first balloon! Our Sivel of Sauve finally died of asphyxiation (hypoxia) at 8000m on board his balloon, the “Zenith”, from which the name of the theatre in Paris from where the balloon sewn in Sauve took off!

fete sauve inspire affiche