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Tutti Paletti à Sauve est l’atelier et galerie d’art de l’artiste allemande Julia Kaulbach.
Creation and exhibition space to discover
*des Portraits réalistes et contemporains à la peinture à l’huile
*des paysages polychromes en aquarelle et encre de chine

*des gravures fines et monochromes.

mon atelier

In this video you can get an impression of the current exhibition of my recently created works:

etchings, watercolours, pastels and oil paintings.

Come and visit me if you are travelling through the Cévennes.

Encre de Chine & Aquarelle Originaux

impressions d’art signés et numérotés

On Thursdays, we meet with colleagues to paint as part of our association "Sauve Inspire". Every week a new watercolour is created. Most of the time, I draw a structure with Indian ink and paint over it intuitively with bright colours.
Our meetings are open to all those who like to paint.
You can find more information here.

Commissions and creations in oil and pastel

Katze Eden website

ma chaîne Instagram principale

For the sake of clarity I have created a separate Instagram profile for each theme. jk_figurative only for photorealistic oil and pastel paintings, jk_nudedrawing only for nudes and jk_watercolour only for watercolour paintings.

19 Grand Rue, 30610 Sauve / France * +33 (0)6 45 68 75 94 *
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